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Elevated Fit Life

Orange Colada PRO6+ Bundle

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 The newest flavor to our PRO6+ lineup…….. Orange Colada.

 To help introduce Orange Colada PRO6+ we wanted to do something different!

 We’re so EXCITED about this new flavor we wanted to reward those that share the same excitement.

 For a LIMITED TIME when you buy a bottle of Orange Colada you will automatically receive 10% off the regular product price. You will also receive an exclusive for this deal, Elevated Fit Life orange foam trucker hat ($19.99 value), and some other freebies we are throwing in for fun! 

 This deal is limited so don’t wait or you will miss out on the exclusive bundle, packed with muscle, flavor, style and savings!

**PLEASE NOTE** This Bundle will ship as soon as our Orange Colada has arrived, we're looking at 1-2 weeks. THANKS! 





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