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Sometimes we want something and we want it now! The 28-Day-Cut will help you drop fat, build muscle and change the way you look and feel! 

This plan requires a dedicated mindset- one willing to focus-in for 28 days and be all in! IF you will do that, follow the plan we present for you, YOU WILL get the results you want! We've seen it over and over again.

What can you expect after doing the 28-Day-Cut? It definitely varies because everyone is so different but here are some results we've seen from past participants:

  • -27 lbs
  • -6% bodyfat
  • -19lbs
  • -4% bodyfat
  • -16lbs
  • -24lbs
  • -20lbs
  • and so many other amazing results!

On top of these results, we have people dropping inches off their waist- having to take their belt down several notches. We have others reporting on how differently their clothes fit in general.

Want to know one of the most amazing things about The 28-Day-Cut? Because of the way this plan was designed, you can actually build muscle while cutting! And we have InBody and fit3D scans showing all of this! 



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