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Elevated Fit Life

Elevated Fit Life Blender Bottle

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If you're thirsty, it's too late, don't wait, HYDRATE! 

The Elevated Fit Life blender bottle is the revolutionary, high quality Blender Bottle brand. Having an amazing mixing system featuring the included wire whisk, it makes it super easy to maintain proper hydration on the go! These 28oz size bottles are perfect for 2 scoops of PRO6+ or a PRO6+ and PREX blend. This version also has the handy carry loop to clip or hang it from a bag or back pack. Bring it along to the gym, sports game or to run daily errands.

With the Elevated Fit Life Blender Bottle, you'll let everyone know you recognize quality when you see it and that you drink the best stuff out there!

Elevate Your Life

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