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Elevated Fit Life

PREX On-The-Go Sticks

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PREX On-The-Go Stick Flavors

Whether you're on the go with kids, work, traveling or just love the convenience, our On-The-Go Sticks make getting your nutrition in so simple. Throw these in your gym bag, purse, or backpack and take them anywhere and everywhere you need to go! Each On-The-Go Stick is 1 serving, which makes it SUPER easy to pour in you water bottle, no matter where you're at. Trying to get more water in your day? Grab one of these and you've just upgraded your hydration. Not sure which flavor you love? Mix and match to try them all!

 We have 100% confidence in our products! Our core products PRO6+, PREX, and COMP+ are exclusive to Elevated Fit Life and have been designed from the ground up. We have hand-picked every ingredient, researched and calculated every dose used and tested every flavor ourselves. Everything is designed to work as expected and deliver results! Period. We are all on a health and fitness journey and that journey is what led to the development of these products. We knew there was a piece missing in the supplement world and wanted to carry products for ourselves that the market didn't currently offer- and then to pass those same incredible benefits to you.

PREX is the pre-workout product like non other. It isn't just another crazy stimulant product that makes you feel on edge and then crash. PREX was designed to not just give you clean, sustained energy but it's also designed to prepare your body and mind for the task at hand! It will help you have more energy and focus as well as strength and endurance, it's packed with electrolytes to ensure optimal muscular function and replenishment.  PREX will also help you build more muscle and burn more fat. It has everything you need to prepare you for an awesome workout, game or get you through that afternoon slump. And tastes AMAZING.


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