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Advanced Post-Workout Formula

  • Recovery
  • Muscle Growth
  • Creatine
  • Hydration
  • HGH Amplifier

 POSTX is a comprehensive post-workout product. POSTX is designed to enhance muscle size, strength, volume, hydration, and recovery. After a workout your body is primed to build and repair muscle. Taking POSTX ensures you’re giving your body what it needs to optimize muscle growth and recovery. POSTX also contains several ingredients that work to improve your brain health and cognitive function as well as joint health and mobility. You will see and feel the POSTX difference!

We have been wanting to do a creatine product for some time because creatine is amazing and offers so many different benefits, it's really one of those products that virtually everyone should take. The best time to take creatine is post-workout so we figured why not just make a complete post-workout product to compliment our pre-workout PREX, and our intra-workout PRO6+, enter POSTX! 




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