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Elevated Fit Life


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PREX is the pre-workout you've been waiting for! This isn't just another crazy stimulant based product. Instead it contains just the right amount of energy promoting ingredients with no crash or jitters. PREX contains the perfect blend of Nitric Oxide optimizers to increase blood flow, thus improving your nutrient delivery and "pump". This advanced formula actually makes it easier to build muscle by increasing your strength, force, and power, allowing you to work harder for longer! Whatever your goals, PREX will help you get there! 

YOU are the X factor in everything you do! We provide the pre, you provide the X and together we will crush your goals!

Sustained Energy Levels

Improved Blood flow

Increased Strength

Elevated Endurance 

Maximum Hydration

Intense "Pumps"

Heightened Focus and Concentration

PREX can used before a workout (take 20-30 mins before). PREX can also be used in place of an energy drink (providing clean energy and a lot better ingredients than a normal energy drink). It can be taken before a test or time when you need heightened focus or concentration.  It can be taken before a long drive or anytime you want some! If you're one that's really looking for a lot of stims you can take 2 scoops although we don't recommend it is something you can do if needed. 

Let PREX Elevate Your Life and take you to new heights!  


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