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Elevated Fit Life

BEtter YOU

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BEtter YOU

Transforming Health, Confidence, and Lifestyle

Everyone is a bodybuilder! Have you ever thought of that before? It's true, all of us our building our bodies, we're either building the body we want or the one we don't want. 

Within each of us is the body of our dreams! However, sometimes that body is hard to create because of our current habits, skills, and processes. 

With our program BEtter YOU, we have perfected a plan that's specifically designed for you! We will help you unlock your potential by teaching you easy to follow micro habits. When followed consistently, these micro habits will lead to the results you desire. 


Within the BEtter YOU program you will also use cutting-edge technology. You will use our Elevated Fit Life CorSync app, tracking your nutrition, body composition, and measurements. You will also be using a heart rate monitor to track your workouts, that way you will learn and see EXACTLY how your body is responding to your activity. Based on the feedback we can make adjustments to ensure constant progress. 

This program includes your choice of a heart rate monitors, either an arm band or a chest strap, both integrate with the app. And then we do have an option that includes a scale, and this scale integrates directly with the app as well. If you're using your own scale, that's fine but you have to enter your info in manually and we will require that you enter it in. Our heart rate monitors and scale are both from a company called Nuvita. 

There is no better time than now to build the body of your dreams and transform your health, confidence and lifestyle. 

Become the best version of Yourself with BEtter YOU!